Ron and Jo's Firearms & SportingSupplies, Inc.
Telephone: 618-628-7480

Is local owned and operated in the St.
Louis Metro Area since 1991.   

We are shooters and hunters and
bring that knowledge with us to help
the local gun buyers in our area.  We
try to insure that we take our time to
listen to your needs and then help you
make the right buying decisions.

We Stock an extensive line of handguns, rifles, shotguns.  
Scopes, Electronic Dot sights,
Tactical Gear, magazines, and

We BUY, SELL, and TRADE GUNS of all
varities.  From Classic Firearms to modern
Military Style Rifles.   We have a good
reputation among manufacture Reps and
Distributors to provide us and our
customers with the right products at the
right prices !

Here are just some of the fine products that we offer.

The Judge _ .45 Colt/.410 ga Shotshells
Remington 870
.30 M1Carbine